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Less is more for the social media beginner or busy business owner

Social media marketing can be overwhelming and leave you wondering where to start and if it is worth the effort for your business. If you are struggling with social media marketing for business, then consider the following points to ease your worries. Let’s face it, if you are a beginner you will be lost in the jungle of social media and if you are a busy business owner juggling several roles from admin, sales and marketing you will have to be super human to not feel overwhelmed by the ever changing world of social media and how to start successfully incorporating it into your daily tasks.

1. Less is more

If you jump in and try and master all social media networks at once then you will run the risk of burning out. You need to be honest with yourself about the amount of time and the skill set that you have to effectively start and run your social media marketing. If you are new to the medium or running your business single handedly then simply start with 1 to 2 social media networks and get to grips with social media at a pace that you can confidently handle.

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A busy business person can juggle various tasks everyday, including trying to get to grips with social media.

Less is more if you are carrying out all the work yourself and if you simply find that you can only manage 1 social network then this is where you should start. Your time is valuable and your products and services deserve to be showcased effectively by your marketing efforts via a medium that you can successfully manage. You should enjoy marketing, it is your opportunity to be proud of all your hard work. Believe in yourself and your products and simply start by marketing your work at a pace that you can handle.

2. Not all social media networks are a good fit

There is no point using YouTube if you are not going to keep updating the platform with video content that will be expected from your audience. Equally there is no reason for you to use Instagram if you are never going to post any images (not to self *must post some images to the My Funky Fun Instagram account and follow my own advice from this blog post.)

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Not all social media networks will work for your business.

Simply be aware of the audience expectations of the varying social media networks. Facebook fans like images and video content, whereas LinkedIn is focussed on industry related content with a professional approach. For further insight into this topic please read “social media platform basics.”

3. Commit to a social media marketing strategy

Deciding what goals you want to achieve from using social media will require your focus and your acknowledgement that social media is a medium of marketing that requires your dedication. It is very easy to just start using social media and to start posting anything that you think your audience may like. However, you need to take a step back and create a plan. In doing so, you can monitor and collect data that enables you to calculate your ROI and examine whether or not your social media marketing efforts are effective.


It is important that you know what you want to achieve from using social media marketing for business and creating  a marketing plan and researching the different social media platforms and the content expected on each can aid your marketing success. Consider how much time you can realistically dedicate to social media marketing and only set up social media accounts that you can keep updated with content that will be successful on those platforms.

Something to consider…

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