Social Media Marketing Platform Basics

Social media platforms help you to showcase who and what your company is and can offer. The tone and content expected on each platform is different and understanding this can help determine which platforms you should incorporate into you online business marketing.

Take a look at what content works best and is expected from the users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest.


People want to work with people and Facebook is a great way to show a full picture of what you and your business is really like. It is a friendly platform and provides a base for you to showcase the human side of your company for potential customers to gain an insight into company culture and your realistic working atmosphere. Therefore show off your work force and glimpses of what it is like to work at your great company as well as your services and products.

Content that will capture attention and promote audience participation is expected. Images, competitions, video and customer success stories work great on Facebook. Don’t be afraid to use Facebook. It is the largest social media platform and is used by a vast demographic which makes this a ‘yes’ to use for marketing for any business.


Twitter allows you to get involved in conversations with Followers and provide quick responses. The conversational tone is key to your success and will help you to build trust. Remember to talk and participate in the conversations by answering questions that have been asked and always re-tweet when someone tweets something good about you. Twitter allows you to use 140 characters only in your messages, therefore you need to be sharp and on point. Content that works great on Twitter includes blog post links, #hashtags and tagging others. Broadcast all your updates, be friendly and listen to what others are saying in your industry and ignite communication via regular tweets.


Videos are easy to watch and digest. Using YouTube gives you access to an audience that likes to be taken on a visual journey where you have the creative power to showcase your company in the best light. A great thing about YouTube is that your videos will be queued on your channel and play one after another which allows for passive engagement of your content. Therefore get your video camera ready and start shooting some fantastic engaging content that keeps bums on seats. A great way to start is to aim your content at useful “How-To” topics that provide a benefit and in turn your video content will provide the benefit of boosting your search ranking.


Think CV. This is the professional platform. Therefore showcase your services and product offerings. It is not the place to post the pictures of the company Christmas night out or your cat skateboarding (unless your business is a Cat Skateboarding School.) Users of LinkedIn want to witness industry knowledge. Post original articles focussed on your industry that inform your audience that you are current and can provide products and services that match their needs.

TIP: Remember to update your own personal profile with all the relevant expertise and skills that you have in your field. People who see your company profile can also then look at your personal profile and gain further insight into what you and your business can offer.


Keep in mind how you would use Facebook and provide the personal approach to the content that you post and provide a relaxed experience for your audience. It is great for sharing images, promotions and videos. The same content that works well on Facebook works well for Google+. This platform should not be ignored because it provides another avenue for you to showcase your company and the content will help your visibility and assist search rankings.


Pinterest allows you to categorise, add a location and links to images that you can then share. Users of the platform get to see content that they have expressed an interest in and therefore will be more receptive to your pins and consequently your company. Therefore Pin away, share images and ideas and benefit from an audience that is searching for what you can offer.

It is a great platform to showcase your products, however, if your business is a service industry you can pin posts that tell the story of your company. Think story board and captivate your audience through a series of brand development pinboards that highlight specific points in your brand growth.


Use the appropriate social media platforms available and fill them with the correct content that best suits the tone and viewing expectations of the user to help increase your brand awareness and assist engagement with an audience that will hopefully become customers.

If you feel that a particular social media platform will not suit your business or that you will not be able to manage it correctly, then do not use that platform. Instead, concentrate on the platforms that you know that you can manage well and give enough attention to and ensure that you get the most out of social media marketing for business.


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